Strange Relations

Only When I Lose Myself by Bryn Ensomhet (Spikess)

Disclaimer: I donít own Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, although I do own a few action figures. Didja know the Blue Dino Ranger action figure has leg-squeezing action?

Summary: Kira-centric, written for the dt100 community. Challenge #54a: Use a Depeche Mode song title.


It was like nothing I'd ever imagined and everything I'd ever dreamed of. The moment the transformation phrase left my lips, I knew I'd found what I'd never known was missing. A piece of my essence, a part of myself, a jigsaw puzzle finally complete. I surrender to the power winding around me, my clothes morphing, a shadow of the change occurring deep within. No longer am I merely a young girl, a teen musician. Adolescence spent trying to figure out who I was, where I fit in this world. Now I know.

I am Kira Ford. I am Yellow.


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